The little marvel of Fiquet Bay

Today I took the boys down to Fiquet, a favourite haunt of mine over the years. It’s a bit of a scramble down from the cliffs opposite Gros Tête, to the West of Beauport, but someone has strung ropes between the trees to improve the route. It was a dark and glowering afternoon, but that seemed to intensify the richness of the colours.

Gros Tête under glowering skies
The rope assist down to the cliffs

There are few better places than Fiquet to see pink granite in all its glory. What I hadn’t expected however was that the rock colours would be so spectacularly rich and varied today. It seems that it’s too overcast and cold for the granite to properly dry out, leaving patches of damp. As a result, the rock surface was fantastically varied in its shading – more than I’ve ever seen before.

The joints and shading of the eroded granite displayed to full effect
It’s probably only me, but I absolutely love the tonal range, the patterns, the colouring and the shape of the rock in this photo
Light and dark, wet and dry

In summer the granite has a much more bleached out appearance.

This is the much more bleached granite, photographed in summer

You could see how a sculptor or painter could get inspiration down here. Then you remember that Barbara Hepworth had her studio in Cornwall, and the rocks there are very similar. But if I were an artist I don’t know how I’d be able to improve on what nature has delivered.

Low tide at the rock arch

The centrepiece of any walk at Fiquet is the small rock arch at the western end. A great spot for swimming when the tide is up and the sea is calm.

A photo under the rock arch, taken when the tide was high





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