Planning appeal against Ker du Pons

For the last week I’ve been writing an appeal against the (over)development of a neighbouring property, Ker du Pons. It’s on the skyline in the photo above, which is taken from just above Petit Port. Writing the appeals has been a slog, and I’ve no doubt it could have been better, but it’s the best I could do in the time available. The application was to extend a permit that is already in place for another 3 years. Ridiculous since the first application for KDP was made back in 2011, and there have been multiple renewals and new applications that are slight variations on the original.

I’ve put the link below for my records, I don’t expect anyone to read it!

UPDATE: We “won” the appeal. The applicant withdrew their application before the matter could be put to a planning inspector. The reasons are unclear – I have a suspicion that the Planning department may have nudged the applicant to withdraw, as some of the material in this appeal would have been embarrassing had it come out. But it is in any case a very Pyrrhic victory. The applicant has simply decided to use the existing permit before it runs out this summer.

Ker du Pons full planning appeal 2020

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