A mixed bag

And at last the much anticipated calmer weather has arrived. A gorgeous weekend of sunshine and light NE winds. This afternoon I’ve been down at St Ouen’s with DS1, kicking and chucking a rugby ball around (DS2 was on a playdate).
As the sun sank lower the light turned more and more golden. It felt very serene.

Before that, on Friday, I went over the SW coast cliffs on a day of dazzling sunshine and sudden, savage hail showers. Compare two photos taken within 20 minutes of each other…

I was down there as part of a photographic project I’m developing to take pictures in all the caves around the island. This one is unusual in that it is split level and goes right underneath a piece of cliff and out the other side. You have to wriggle underneath a rock to get in, but the big obstacle was that the cave was filled with spume. I got soaked and very dirty – spume is full of sand and mud.
Then as the showers passed on Friday afternoon I went and took photos of our local garage – Syvret’s – which is giving up selling petrol after more than 60 years because they can’t make any money on it.
Even in these days of necessary carbon reduction, it’s sad to see the business go. Cyril Syvret was a great friend of my parents in the early 1970’s when cars were much less reliable than they are now. I remember days when we tried to bump start our car all the way down to Petit Port, until we were perched at the top of the slip, with no road left to go. We’d have to leave the car, go back home, phone Cyril, who would arrive minutes later, glasses perched on his forehead, and use jump leads to get us going again.

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