More full moon magic

Last night was full moon, and I often try and “do something” for the full moon. On this occasion I decided to head to a favourite spot of mine near Beauport, and spend the night outside.

I do like winter sleep outs. For one thing, the hours of darkness are long, which means that I get a decent stretch of time in my sleeping bag. (In summer it’s not properly dark until after 11.00, and if I want to be up at dawn then that means only about 4 hours of downtime.) For another, it feels properly cosy in a sleeping bag in winter. Although last night it was so still underneath the holm oaks in my chosen spot that I actually overheated for a bit. Of course, I didn’t actually sleep much, it’s just too rich a sense sensation to settle down. Lots of sounds: not just the surging swell nearby, but acorns falling, little rustles in the undergrowth, faint breezes wafting through the leaves, a distant boat. I slept on a hard and narrow “bed” burrowed out from the composting leaf litter. The moonlight spattering through the branches, sometimes lancing through a gap in the tree cover straight onto me, but mostly casting thick shadows.

Before I went to bed I went down to the rocky water’s edge, and took a few moonlit shot.

I was up again at 6.00, stumbling around in the semi darkness before finding my way back to the same spot, to enjoy the high tide in the half light of moonset and pre-dawn.

Note the moonlight shining in from the right, still brighter than the beginning of the glow of dawn on the left

Without even realising it, the moon shadow was overwhelmed by the arrival of dawn, and the colours started to change.

Unbeknownst to me, condensation had started to form on my lens by this point, softening the image. Venus is shining brightly towards the top left

Once the day had arrived I spent some time enjoying the surging of the waves up small gullies.

As I left, clouds were beginning to come up, the tide was falling and the sun was turning hazy. Still beautiful though.

Bivvy site, under the holm oaks. Time to pack up and go home…

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