I do love film…

Digital photographs are so ubiquitous, and so easy to take that the pleasure of taking them has been somewhat reduced. I noticed this when I recently got back a batch of photographs taken on my various old film cameras – slides and negatives. There’s a thrill to the experience of seeing a “real” photograph that doesn’t happen with digital. Of course, digital photography is more convenient than film, the technical quality is higher, the flexibility of the finished photograph is greater and so on. But it the very limitations of photographic film are also its greatest strength. Much more of the photographed is “baked in” to a negative or transparency than into a digital file. This means you are forced to accept the limitations, and work with them.

Even when something goes wrong, the results are interesting. One image in the gallery below was taken with my rotating slit Horizon 202 panoramic camera. However, the picture was taken whilst I was rewinding, causing the image to blur in strange ways. There’s even part of a finger visible.

Sunrise, Plémont near to midsummer. French coast visible on the right
I’ve always loved these ribs of granite, down at Fiquet, near Beauport. Taken on Horizon 202 panoramic camera
Sunset at La Pulente, Guernsey to the right, Sark also visible
Sunset, Petit Port and Corbiere
Defensive fortification, Petit Plémont. Taken with Horizon panoramic camera
Water surging around the sea wall, Le Braye. Taken with Horizon panoramic camera
Seaweed laden wave erupting up over the sea wall at El Tico, St Ouen’s Bay. Taken with Horizon panoramic camera
Even when things go wrong with film, they’re interesting. This picture was taken with the shutter accidentally open as the film was wound on in the Horizon panoramic film camera. A stray finger has been caught in the middle…
Sunset after a storm, St Ouen’s bay, taken with Ektachrome film. You don’t get these colours with digital

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