St Brelade’s Bay to Beauport

Currently we have moved to live in a holiday let at St Brelade’s Bay whilst the never ending renovation work on our “ultimate” house grinds on. Living in the bay, just a stone’s throw from the beach does have its compensations. It gives us a chance to really get to know a different part of the island. So in a spirit of exploration I used the last day of 2020 to walk the rocks and cliffs to Beauport. A stunning little walk it was too.

A short distance to the south from the pier are two incredibly narrow gullies a bit like mini slot canyons, but filled with beautifully coloured rocks.

Half way up one of the gullies
At the top of one of the gullies – a rich variety of different coloured rock – granite and black dolerite, covered in different algal growths
Looking back out of a gully
Looking back towards St Brelade’s Bay, the gullies are towards the top left at the end of the pebble bay
Rounding the point you get a sudden and dramatic view of Beauport, one of my absolute favourite bays. It was a day of sudden sleet showers, which made for dramatic skies
The Beauport granite is notable for beautiful weathering patterns on the surface
Looking down on the bay, but the sleat was now just minutes away…
And here it is – the blobs of snow/hail illuminated by camera flash

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