Sunset, high tide and full moon rise, Grosse Tête

One of the reasons I love photography is that it urges me to examine and experience a place more deeply than when I’m just wandering through. Heading out to photograph a particular place involves deepening my relationship with it: looking more closely, understanding how it is changed by light and weather and seasons, searching out corners that I’ve not explored, spending time studying details, or trying to understand how it came to be the way it is.

One of those places I find myself returning to is the coastline around the offshore outcrop of Grosse Tête, between Beauport and the rocky cove of Fiquet on Jersey’s magnificent south west coast. This time my visit was timed to coincide with the rising of the full moon and the high tide, on a day when a heavy swell was running. As soon as I arrived at the headland looking out at Grosse Tête, I knew I’d chosen the moment well. Off to the West the sky was orange, but it was the action directly below that caught my attention.

Sunset at Fiquet, looking towards La Moye Point
Waves swirling around Grosse Tête and the surrounding reef
Looking straight down on the gully that separates the “mainland” from the unnamed rock that becomes an island only on big high tides
The pink Beauport granite on the unnamed island
Sea surging over the reef
Long exposure with the waves crashing over the rocky platform under the cliffs
Last remnants of the sunset, high tide, surging waves. Grosse Tête is the island off to the left

Walking back to the car park above Beauport it was in theory dark, but the moonlight was strong and I had no difficulty following the path. Beauport itself was lit by a low, slanting light from the full moon, casting long shadows.

Beauport: full moon casting a long shadow from the island in the middle of the bay

A magnificent full moon, fully risen.

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